We have a great reputation in ac duct cleaning services in Dubai, Ac duct fabrication, repairing, and complete competent maintenance that could be experienced by the clients after once handed over this job to us. Social Safe has appointed expert and experienced staff that are highly trained to handle any duct maintenance project so elegantly that is outstanding someone has experience with our ducting service.

ducting work in dubai

Social Technical Services LLC is the highest skilled in all types of AC/HVAC contractors in Dubai such as installation, supply, maintenance, and fabrication in all residential and industrial segments. Our expert technician and staff provided ducting fabrication services to commercial buildings, residential luxurious villas, schools, warehouses, hotels or offices,s, etc. We have committed to deliver exceptional ducting project completions whenever our expert technician and trained crew approached any industrial or residential duct maintenance or installation project.

In providing the ducting project fabrication or Duct cleaning services on time is our foremost motto which has built good relationship with our clients. We supply best quality ducting systems such as galvanized and pre-insulated ducts according to the need and demand of the clients.

G I Ducting :

Our company supplied the highest quality fabricated galvanized insulated ducts that are layered with the protective layer of zinc to prevent it from rusting anymore. For ensuring the quality product we fabricated it under the best supervision team for industrial and residential utilization at the highest convenience. It is manufactured through the galvanized sheet by wrapping glass wool and canvas cloth and to add them together glue and forester are utilized. It is expensive and long-lasting if it is compared with the pre-insulated ducts.

P I Ducting :

Pre-insulated duct system is most popular due to its lightweight categorized and beautiful appearance that is installed on the ceiling in residential and industrial zones. It seems virtuous impressed and the users most of the time insist not to hide them by ceiling upon it. P I duct manufactured by the pre-insulated sheet that looks like sandwich sheet which having with the outer part with the aluminium sheet and the inner side is insulated sheet that prevents the heat transfer.